CAD Workstation W20

The CAD Workstation W20
For Innovators and Engineers.

The Workstation W20 offers stable performance for innovative CAD construction.

The Workstation W20 is optimized for CAD constructions and precise simulations. With high processor clock speeds and ECC memory, the W20 is particularly suitable for CAD applications. The fast DDR4 memory with up to 64GB and a certified NVIDIA Quadro GPU offer stable and scalable performance for innovators and constructors.



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CADnetwork CAD Workstation W20


Super Speed
Intel® Xeon® E3
Workstation Processor
NVIDIA® Quadro®
Workstation Graphic
up to 64GB ECC

Designed for CAE Applications

The workstation is highly optimized for all CAE applications. Strictly tested and optimized to the CADnetwork CIP - continual improvement process – for stability, performance and compatibility. Up to date drivers and firmware is available for the W20 to improve performance furthermore, even after purchase. We guarantee compatibility and stability with all major CAD applications


Autodesk InventorAutodesk AutoCADAutodesk RevitAutodesk VREDAutodesk BIM Dassault SolidWorksSolidEdgeSiemens NXPTC CreoCATIAANSYS CFD FEMHiCAD


With CAD certified NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics Card


NVIDIA Quadro P6000 P4000 P5000 P2000

Accelerate your designs and constructions with NVIDIA Quadro – the most capable workstation graphics cards in the world. Quadro solutions are certified for a wide range of professional CAD applications and are further developed and optimized by a global team of software experts.




With maximum of connections and upgrade options

The Workstation W20 has a wide range of connections and interfaces. It is expandable for future extensions and upgrades for your individual needs.


CADnetwork CAD Workstation W20

With Intel® Xeon® E3 Workstation Processor

Design and editing software of CAD applications are not able to compute with multiple processors or cores, therefore the processor clock speed is crucial for high performance.
For that reason, the W20 uses a fast and reliable CPU – the Intel Xeon E3 workstation processor!
High clock speed. Workstation-stability. Up to 64GB main memory.


Intel Xeon E5 Workstation Prozessor

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