The StorageCube Rack 2HE
store your data ultrafast, reliable and secure!

The NAS-server flagship for ultrafast and reliable access to company datan

Large storage space with up to 56TB for project data. The StorageCube Rack provides secure protection and ultrafast transfer rates for your important data.



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Configure your own StorageCube

from 1.370 €


Surprising fast and reliable!

Transmit your data with up to 800MBps*. The StorageCube is your central data hub and provides fast and secure access for you and all your team members.


Features Up to 800 MB/s
transfer rate!

*Combined with optional 10Gb network card

Flexible, fast and secure

The StorageCube 2U can be equipped with 8 drives in secure-raid link. Due to the fast Intel processor and 32GB RAM with ECC error correction, it is the fastest storage server and prevents loss and errors of your data.



CADnetwork StorageCube Rack 2HE - 8 Bay NAS Server


Intel Dual-Core
Processor 2.80GHz
4x 1Gbit Network
(10Gbit optional)

Easy and intuitive operation

You can easily manage your StorageCube via web interface.
Add new user, change permissions and configure your shares.
The StorageCube supports shares for   Windows,   Mac and   Linux..



CADnetwork StorageCube Rack 2HE - 8 Bay NAS Server

Secure and fast RAID

For your important data, the drives are connected in a secure-RAID. Depending on configuration, 1 or 2 drives can fail without any data loss. As a general rule, the more drives equipped the faster and safer is the system.



CADnetwork StorageCube Rack 2HE - 8 Bay NAS Server

Monitoring and Diagnosis

View all important information easily through the dashboard. Monitor the state and the temperature of the drives, the CPU workload, the transfer speed and much more. You can customize the dashboard to your needs.



CADnetwork StorageCube Rack 2HE - 8 Bay NAS Server


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