The RenderCube®
your personal desktop renderfarm

The whisper silent RenderCube for easy and reasonable network rendering!

The ultra-silent RenderCube’s accelerate your renderings in an incredible easy way. Whether you're a freelancer or work in a big team, combine multiple RenderCube’s to your powerful render farm. For that purpose, we support all major renderer and operating systems!



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Build your own renderfarm

from 890 €


Awesome Renderperformance for best Price Ratio

The RenderCube supports all network-compatible renderer with CPU acceleration.
When needed we install the RenderCube for your specific renderer application.
Set-Up. Connect. Render.


Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk MayaMaxon Cinema 4DChaosgroup V-RayNVIDIA mental rayMaxwell RenderThea RenderCorona RenderArnold Render

The RenderCube® Principle.

Set-Up. Connect. Render.
On request, all RenderCube’s can be delivered with your render software installed and configured. You only need to connect the RenderCube and start rendering.



Awesome easy your own renderfarm!

RenderCube’s are the easiest way to build your own render farm in the office.
Reduce your workstation CPU load to reduce unnecessary waiting time.



3D Arbeitsplatz mit CADnetwork Workstation und RenderCubes

For Windows   and Mac

No matter if using Windows or Mac, the RenderCube is fully compatible with your environment and renders whisper quiet your renderjobs.



Dual Intel Xeon

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