Rent a GPU & Deep Learning Server

Ready-to-brain. Ready for immediate use with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffee uvm. or choose your own framework. Powerful. Easy. Ready to use

1. Book a GPU machine
Choose a GPU machine with your preffered configuration

2. Log in with secure credentials
You can connect via SSH Secure Shell or you can use our DL job management and start jobs easily

3. Start your trainings and AI jobs
Start your training and AI projects immediately instead of wasting time on complex and cumbersome setup

4. Use the machine for as long as you like
The rental can be automatically extended by one week if you need more time. End the rental when you are finished.


Tensorflow Deep LearningPyTorch Deep LearningCaffe Deep Learning Keras Deep Learning

1. Please choose the preferred gpu server

  • Deep Learning Box (2x RTX 3090)
  • Deep Learning Box (4x RTX 3090)
  • Deep Learning Box (4x RTX 4090)

2.. How long do you need the server?

3. When do you need the gpu server?

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With Ready-to-Brain Technologie
The CADnetwork® Deep Learning Box™ Family is fully equipped and set up with the most used deep learning frameworks for immediate use.

CADnetwork Deep Learning Software Stack mit Docker

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