Deep Learning Appliance 1U
The KI complete solution for Tensorflow, Caffe, Torch etc.

The All-In-One Deep Learning Appliance.

Maximum performance for deep learning applications with up to 4 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with NVLink technology.



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The complete solution for all established deep learning frameworks

The Deep Learning Appliance is optimized for all established deep learning frameworks and comes pre-installed with TensorFlow, Caffe2, PyTorch etc.
Deploy. Connect. Train.


Tensorflow Deep LearningCaffe Deep LearningTheano Deep LearningTorch Deep Learning NVIDIA digits NVIDIA Preferred Solution Provider CADnetwork NVIDIA CUDNN Library

Let's Get Ready to Train

Start training your neural networks without worrying about hardware, installation or configuration issues. The Deep Learning Appliance is readily configured for Tensorflow, Caffe2 or another framework you choose.



Deep Learning Machine Learning Tensorflow

Multi GPU Support

The Deep Learning Appliance 1U supports up to four NVIDIA GPUs with extreme computing power for tremendous AI results in the shortest time.



Deep Learning Appliance 1U


up to four
NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs
dual processor
Intel Xeon SP
up to 768GB DDR4
2x HDD / SSD

With dual Intel® Xeon® SP processors

Dual Intel Xeon


Two Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 56 cores power the Deep Learning Appliance and deliver maximum performance for demanding computations. The integrated DDR4 memory controller enables a memory expansion of up to 1.5TB. In total, the two Xeon SP processors provide 80 PCI Express lanes, so that there is no bottleneck when using eight GPUs.

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