Mobile Workstation HorizonRTX
The ultrafast Notebook with Workstation Equipment.


Mobile Workstation Desktopersatz CADnetwork Horizon RTX

Our flagship for digital artists and innovators

The mobile WorkstationRTX has incredibly powerful features, like a fast desktop processor and high-end NVIDIA graphics card. With the HorizonRTX you will finish your work even faster!



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Maximum performance due to workstation hardware

With the mobile Workstation Horizon RTX, you can work as smooth and fast as with a desktop workstation. The Horizon RTX is equipped with the same hardware that we have in our desktop workstation. Therefore, you can edit your projects smoothly on the go, without worrying about insufficient performance.


Mobile Workstation Desktopersatz CADnetwork Horizon RTX

Intel Core i9
Desktop Processor!
RTX 2080 8GB
up to 64GB DDR4

Ultrafast Intel Core i9 processor

Intel Core i7 Prozessor Notebook

The mobile workstation Horizon RTX is equipped with the fastest Intel Core i9 desktop processor and provides a computing power of 5.0GHz per core. With it you finally have enough power reserve to do even the most pretentious jobs. The used Coffee-Lake processor architecture is the centerpiece of all current high performance CPU’s and is optimized for GPU applications.

Full-performance desktop graphic

Intel Core i7 Prozessor Notebook

With the Horizon RTX, you initially have true workstation performance in a portable notebook. With the NVIDIA RTX 2080 and 8GB GDDR5 memory it is possible to create complex 3D scenes, 4K videos & pictures, VR animations and even challenging rendering tasks fast and reliable. You can edit your projects on the go without the advantages of portable devices.


Mobile Workstation Desktopersatz CADnetwork Horizon XL

Up to four displays: intern screen + 1x HDMI + 2x Mini-DP

Optimized for your application

The Horizon RTX is especially developed and optimized for graphic application:


Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk MayaMaxon Cinema 4DAvid Media ComposerAdobe Creative Cloud After Effects Premiere Pro Autodesk InventorAutodesk AutoCADAutodesk Revit Dassault SolidWorksSolidEdgeSiemens NXPTC Creo

Tremendous write/read speeds per PCI-Express SSD’s

NVME SSD M.2 Mobile Workstation Horizon XL

The Horizon RTX is capable of up to 3200 MB/s write speed and 4000 MB/s read speed with the NVMe protocol. You can get two PCI-Express SSD with M.2 socket and in addition two 2.5” SSD’s or HDD’s. The Horizon RTX is ideally suited for demanding video editing and editing work in general.

Connectivity Options

Many extensions and optional features are available for the workstation Horizon RTX. Modern connections like Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1–Gen2 ensure future viability and power reserves for future projects.



Mobile Workstation Desktopersatz CADnetwork Horizon RTX

Gigabit Network, 1x Thunderbolt 3 (USB3.1 Gen2 Combo), 1x USB3.1 Gen2, 2x USB 3.0, Card Reader



Mobile Workstation Desktopersatz CADnetwork Horizon RTX

Line-Out, Microphone, Line-In, 2-in-1 Headphone + S/PDIF optical, 2x USB 3.0, Kensington Lock

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